Archway Yearbook

Reserve Your Archway Yearbook!

The Archway would like to remind you that the deadline for purchasing a Parent Ad is rapidly approaching.

Because deadlines have to be met regarding the final page count, please note that the date of January 26th, 2022 is the ABSOLUTE FINAL DATE for acceptance of ads, meaning that the publisher’s website will close its ordering facility at the end of that day and the final pagination can then be determined.

You can purchase a parent ad at any time by visiting the publisher’s website ( If you do not have your images ready, enter TBA in the copy and image boxes and add in the comments box that your images and copy are being submitted directly to the Archway at a later date. Simply follow up as soon as possible by sending your images and copy directly to the Archway at

Please remember that EVERY SENIOR WILL BE GIVEN A NAME-STAMPED YEARBOOK FREE OF CHARGE. Additional unstamped copies can be purchased by visiting


If you wish to order a name-stamped yearbook, you need to submit your order and name-stamp details by January 26, 2022. Visit the publisher’s website at:

Orders for a regular unstamped yearbook can be placed at any time up to the end of April by visiting the publisher’s website ( and following the instructions given.


Full pricing options for the yearbook (as well as parent ads) are listed below:

Base book price: $100

Yearbook Options: Name-stamp: From $8.00

Choose up to five icons with one line of text, or one icon with two lines of text.

Advertisement Pricing:

Full page color: $525

Full page black and white: $425

½ page color: $325

½ page black and white: $225

The entire Archway staff thanks you for your continued support!

If you have any questions, email the editors at